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Wax granules - Black/White shades*

Wax granules - Black/White shades*

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Making candles has never been easier.

  1. No melting kettle required.
  2. Reuse your own candle shapes.
  3. Everything you need is in your order.
  4. Available in 50 shades.

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  • Ordered quantity of 'Wax granules'.
  • 3x or 15x washed blades with wick base
  • 3x or 15x double adhesive sticker
  • Manual


  • Make your own candles sustainably.
  • Simple: Place the wick, wash granules in the mold and your candle is ready.
  • No extras needed, just scissors for the wick.
  • Add your own scent.
  • No more losing your original candle.
  • The 'Wax Granules' are ready to use, you no longer need to mix anything such as paraffin, stearin and coloring.


  • Bowls
  • Glass shapes
  • Earthenware shapes
  • Non-flammable forms.


!! The inner diameter of the mold must be at least 6cm.

Manual: Click here

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