Workshop zondag 9 oktober 2022

Workshop Sunday October 9, 2022

Our workshop last Sunday, 9/10/2022, was one to look back on.
On request, the workshop was organized to allow 8 friends to participate in our 'workshop for novice candle makers'.
Praising reactions from our participants:

"Very interesting workshop. Curious to see the end result."
Candle casting workshop

"Because my girlfriend was no longer able to participate the first time, Geert still gave us the opportunity to have this workshop take place, even on a Sunday. This once again shows how Geert wants to share his passion with the rest of the world .
Flexibility and warm welcome on point!" Candle casting accessories

Work table pouring candles
"The wide range of scents and smelling them was a nice extra asset of the workshop."

"A nice balance between the history and the making of the candles themselves."
Supplies for casting candles

We at wish the participants a lot of fun with the wonderful relaxation of candle making and then enjoy the conviviality while burning their own candles.

Participation in a workshop guarantees guidance, even after the workshop.
5% discount on all our products for one year.
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