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Lantern - square model
Lanterns have been somewhat forgotten. A pity, despite the function that a lantern can provide.
A lantern in the house and especially outside the house has its useful function, and why?

- A lantern is made of paraffin and serves as a candle protector.
- A lantern is practical to use for an outdoor experience. The candle in a lantern will continue to burn outside as well as in the house.

- A lantern is easy to make, even with decorations in the walls of the lantern.
- A lantern can serve to reflect the decorations used in the wall as light from the candle and the lantern.

How to make a lantern:

1 If necessary, seal the mold at the bottom (wing opening).
Preheating of the casting mould.
You can close two-part molds with painter's tape.
Round and square lantern

2 Heat the paraffin, colored paraffin or make your own mixture.
The ideal temperature for casting the lantern is 65° - 70°C
3 Use gloves while pouring the mold.
4 Empty the mold and let the paraffin harden in the mold. Between each filling, the candle must cool (to about 35 °C).
Temperature test: hold the candle against your cheek. If you feel no difference in temperature, you can fill the mold again and pour it empty.

5 Repeat previous points until you have formed an 8 to 10mm thick wall with the paraffin.


  • Cover the work surface and wear an apron!
  • When pouring, make sure the pot is flat and on a sturdy surface.
  • Prepare only as much color as you need.
  • Check the temperature of the wax with a thermometer.


  • Only light candles in the presence of adults.
  • Beware of fire: never heat the wax directly in the mold.
  • Never heat the wax directly in a pan or over an open fire.
  • The washing vapor is flammable at 180 °C.
  • Never leave candles burning unattended.
  • Always place candles on a fireproof surface. (See our safety instructions )

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