3 - Kaarsen in glas

3 - Candles in glass


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Preparation for pouring into glass molds.

mini bain-marie Candle White Emotion Paraffin for container or glass molds.

1 Heat the paraffin for glass or jars to 68°C without adding stearin.
Use our mini bain-marie to maintain a constant temperature of the paraffin.
Use our paraffin for glass . This paraffin adheres better to glass or other materials such as glass, earthenware, plastic, ...

2 Prepare the wick to place in the glass or jar.
Use our high neck wick base .

Wick base for wick in candles.

Pass the wick through the wick base.
Squeeze the neck of the wick base so that the wick does not come loose.
Secure the wick base and wick (wick) with a few drops of warm paraffin or double-adhesive stickers in the glass or jar.
You can also  use pre-washed wicks in combination with the  double-sided sticker.

Double-sided sticker for wick base and wick in container or glass form
3 Hang the wick on the needle or wooden stick (skewer, for example) with a knot in the wick.

Dye for candles and paraffin

4 Only add coloring and/or fragrance at the end when the paraffin has reached the correct temperature. It is important for the scent that it is added just before pouring to prevent evaporation.

Fragranced candles.

The recommended amount of fragrance or perfume from our range is 20ml per 1kg of paraffin.


  • Fragrances or perfumes can change the color of the paraffin.
  • Fragrances or perfumes can affect the burning quality of the wick, so choose a larger wick size.
  • Working with scents requires sufficient ventilation due to the concentration of scents or perfumes.

5 Heat the glass or jar in the oven or mold cleaner,

60° to 70°C is sufficient for the shape.

6 Slowly pour the paraffin into the mold and adjust the wick with the wick base to the center of the candle shape.

  • NEVER add stearin to paraffin for glass or jars.
  • Make sure the glass mold is clean and dry when you pour the wax.
  • Cover the work surface and wear an apron!
  • Paraffin for glass has the property of having low shrinkage. After the paraffin has hardened, pouring it once will suffice.
  • Prepare only as much color as you need.
  • Check the temperature of the wax with a thermometer.
  • Only light candles in the presence of adults.
  • Beware of fire: never heat the wax directly in the mold.
  • Never heat the wax directly in a pan or over an open fire.
  • The washing vapor is flammable at 180 °C.
  • Never leave candles burning unattended.
  • Always place candles on a fireproof surface. (See our safety instructions. )
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