Safety when burning candles.

Before burning:

Hold the wick briefly before lighting.

Between 5 to 10mm

Distance between candles, minimum 10cm.

Keep distance between two candles.

Minimum 10cm between two burning candles.

Make sure that a candle always burns upright.

Make sure the candles are always upright.

During burning:

No flammable materials near a candle

Do not place a candle near flammable materials.

Candle near heat source

Do not place a candle in hot environments, it will melt.
Keep candles away from direct sunlight. Candles discolour and melt in direct sunlight.

Candle on scale

Always place a bowl under each candle.
Do not use flammable dishes under burning candles.

Candles and children and animals

Keep young children and animals away from burning candles.

Leave candles unattended

Do not leave burning candles unattended.

Do not burn a candle in drafty environments
Do not place a lit candle in a drafty environment.

Don't throw anything into a lit candle that doesn't belong there


Do not throw a match or other materials into a burning candle.

Extinguish a candle before moving the candle.

Extinguish a candle before moving them.

Trimming candle edges

For pillar candles, trim the raised edges to approximately 1cm.

This will make the candle burn better.

Do not place a burning candle in the sun

Do not leave a candle in direct sunlight. The candle can start to melt from 30°C.

Extinguish a candle in time at the end.

Do not let a candle burn completely. Leave at least 1cm of paraffin.

After burning:

Extinguish a candle before moving them

Do not blow out the flame, but suffocate it.
- Blowing out can cause liquid paraffin to splash.
- Use a candle extinguisher.

Do not extinguish a candle with liquids.

Do not use liquids to extinguish candles.