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Yellow shades*

Yellow shades*

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Colored paraffin sold per 1000gr. (1kg)


  • No unnecessary purchases of products, such as dye, additives, ...
  • The colored paraffin is ready to use to make your own candles.
  • The colored paraffin is also available with our fragrances.

Types of colored paraffin:

  • 'Casting mold' paraffin can be used in polycarbonate, silicone molds or other casting molds. After hardening, the candle is removed from the mold.
  • 'Molds' paraffin can be used in glass moulds, concrete moulds, or earthenware solid moulds. This paraffin has the property of better adhering to the mold without becoming loose in the mold.

This paraffin is applicable for indoor candles and outdoor candles.

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