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Recycle candle scraps

Recycle candle scraps

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Candle residues, reuse. A form of recycling.

If you have candle residue, do not throw it away. Used paraffin can be reused over and over again.
  • Collection from 10 kg in the area of ​​Dendermonde.
  • Bring your candle residues to Baasrode yourself.
  • Large impurities should be removed.
  • No soy wax, beeswax.
What happens to candle residue?
  • We melt the paraffin.
  • Purify the paraffin.
  • Extraction of the odors and dyes with a patented process, which reduces the paraffin to 'almost' the same color as new paraffin.
  • Addition of stearin (10 to 15%)
Reclaimed paraffin can only be used for outdoor candles

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